Transporting goods

About 150 vehicles and more then 250 FTE transport your goods throughout the Benelux.

  • Pallets and packages
  • Roll containers
  • City Distribution
  • Dedicated Transport
  • Finely meshed distribution
  • Inland container transshipment

Storing goods

We store your goods in our warehouses with a combined capacity of over 170.000 m2.

  • Inbound – Storage – Outbound
  • Order picking
  • Cross-docking
  • Value Added Logistics
  • Handling returns
  • Inventory and ordermanagement

For companies in the Benelux with a need to transport or store goods

It’s time for De Klok Logistics

Step 1

Wishes & Setup

Based on your logistic wishes we come up with the best way to collaborate. We set up a pilot so you can experience what it is like to work with us.

Step 2

Pilot & Startup

We carry out the pilot. In no time you’ll experience our approach and results. Satisfied? Then we shake hands and set the KPI’s and get started.

Step 3

Clarity & Convenience

We transport your goods. We store your goods. We make complex things simple. You can rest assured that our collaboration will be pleasant and smooth. Achieving the KPI’s. As clear and convenient as you wish.






Shipments daily


m2 Storage

It’s time to take the first step

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